Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I could talk music all day long. Im pretty sure besides the diamond business, its my life. Im one to say i think there is zero or almost zero spectacular albums put out these days. (unless its a greatest hits redone from a band in the 60s 70s or 80s.) But i got to thinkin about 3 piece bands today and on facebook had some major feedback. I was thinking about the greatest 3 piece band in history. After i 'status asked' via FB, is there any 3 piece band better than RUSH, i got some good feedback. Great tries (hendrix experience, cream, zz top), but i think i might have been a little too general. However, my means was as a whole. A 3 piece that doesnt have you only thinking of the front man. Geddy, Alex, and Neil come to my mind when i think of Rush. The shred of the 6 string, the crazy mad timing beats from a FULL TURNING drum set, to a wicked funky 4 string while playin the keys just to add to the orchestral sound. Flat out amazing.

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