Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I could talk music all day long. Im pretty sure besides the diamond business, its my life. Im one to say i think there is zero or almost zero spectacular albums put out these days. (unless its a greatest hits redone from a band in the 60s 70s or 80s.) But i got to thinkin about 3 piece bands today and on facebook had some major feedback. I was thinking about the greatest 3 piece band in history. After i 'status asked' via FB, is there any 3 piece band better than RUSH, i got some good feedback. Great tries (hendrix experience, cream, zz top), but i think i might have been a little too general. However, my means was as a whole. A 3 piece that doesnt have you only thinking of the front man. Geddy, Alex, and Neil come to my mind when i think of Rush. The shred of the 6 string, the crazy mad timing beats from a FULL TURNING drum set, to a wicked funky 4 string while playin the keys just to add to the orchestral sound. Flat out amazing.

our horrible president

short and sweet...i think its the most repugnant thing ive ever heard...our tax dollars paid for this:

2 tickets to a new york city theatre show for $191.00

3 jets to get from dc to new york (??) for $70,000.00

Secret Services and guards and limos through new york for $190,000.00

im highly distraught over this...i know presidents take advantage of their power, with respects, i probably would take a little advantage too, but to see nothing change and someone living a vacation makes me nervous. i think he was elected just to change the look of the united states

Friday, May 29, 2009

NBA playoffs: My hopes were for another Celtics takeover. Well, my heart has changed via the outcomes of playoff craziness, and my bid is now on Orlando simply because they look to be dominate without a Lebron or Koby type. This years playoffs have been the best ive seen in my 24 years of NBA playoff experience. With mostly the Chicago Bulls and Celtics round 1 playoff. 7 overtimes? Really?

A quick thought on steroids in baseball: you should be slapped. b**** slapped actually (and i hate cursing). Alex, Manny, Clemens, Mcguire, Bonds, Sosa, Palmera, Pettite, but not Jose, all these players are phenomenal and could have been Hall of Famers without asterisks next to their name. Why choose to use an illegal substance? I mean, im not saying that i believe that steroids should be exactly so boldly illegal for certain medical reasons, but just like alcohol and other illicit substances, abuse is the key. Youre a superstar and are putting youre whole reputation and team in jeopardy, and i dont pity you at all. My favorite player, Ken Griffey Jr, has been doing his thing for almost 2 decades without a single positive steroid test. Learn from the masters.

so, for todayin poker, a simple update on the world series of poker...first, the 40k no limit tourney, with 200 people entered, started yesterday and not much happened early but my fav Daniel Neg went bust early, and phil laak with a huge early lead went bust towards the end of the day. my boy doyle brunson still in, and phil helmuth went out with nothing decent to say afterwards. Always amazes me how he can be beat by Kd 9d, and call the guy an idiot, when phil was holding A 7 with not even a pair trying to buy the pot. Ha!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

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